Money Isn't All You're Saving
Residential and Commercial glass tinting. Save at least 25% on your energy bill. Cuts back on sun's damaging UV rays. Call for a free estimate. I have different options of tint to choose from.
Commercial window tinting saves energy and provides comfort. One primary benefit of commercial window tinting is to reduce heat. This lowers energy costs, like air conditioning, and keeps customers and employees more comfortable.

Most agree that a business building also looks more beautiful after the window film is applied to the windows. One can reduce or eliminate the need for blinds or various types of shades. This allows for more natural lighting and therefore a more pleasant ambience.

Some film choices allow for more privacy, and some for more light. Some block out more heat and glare. It all depends on the needs and desires of the business owner.

One of our film products allows privacy but simultaneously keeps the view open to the outside at night time hours. A nickname for this type of tint is "night vision film."

Safety is also a benefit for employees working late. All films allow more safety to the windows as far as glass breakage. It helps even more to keep glass in place instead of shattering. It also makes burglary more difficult - particularly the "smash and grab" type.

At Oasis Tinting of Kansas we offer several choices, but help make the decision making process as simple as possible. Call now if you'd like a completely free estimate on your office.

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