Money Isn't All You're Saving
Residential and Commercial glass tinting. Save at least 25% on your energy bill. Cuts back on sun's damaging UV rays. Call for a free estimate. I have different options of tint to choose from.
Established in 2012, Oasis Tinting of Kansas is an up and coming business providing window tinting service to Wichita and surrounding areas.
We specialize in residential and commercial property window tinting. We are proud to provide industry leading brands such as 3M and Concord window film for all your window tinting needs.

Benefits of Window Tint
  • Protection from Glare. When it comes to glare caused by direct sunlight, it can cause you to strain your eyes.
    Window tinting can filter the light before it reaches your eyes which can greatly reduce straining your eyes.
  • Protection of Your Interior. Colors and textile fibers can be faded and weakened by the heat and the sun.
    More delicate fibers and darker colors are more sustainable to damage by the heat and sun.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Window tint keeps your home or business cooler. This reduces the need for air conditioning which saves money.
  • UV Ray Blockage. Most window films block 99% of UVA and UVB rays and some films even block 99.9%.
  • Enhancement. Window tinting can improve the look of your home or commercial building.
With all of these benefits of window tinting, how could you not entertain the idea of tinting your home or business?? Go ahead, give it a try!

UV rays are minimized with window tint
As the Ozone Layer decreases, the Ultraviolet (UV) intensity increases all around us. Normal window glass does not prevent UV from coming through. It is this UV bombardment that deteriorates both your furniture and skin! Almost all our window films will block out 99% of whatever Ultraviolet rays that would otherwise come through your windows.

Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views. But the sunlight they invite in can also cause hot spots and severe fading of your furnishings. And during storms or in the event of a break-in, windows are the most vulnerable points in your home. Window films are designed to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and they can add a valuable layer of protection to your home.

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